Monday, 18 February 2013

First order done!

The order from the other day has gone well. All 15 items are made, packed and posted. I also included an extra one that I mocked up for a new design. Hope the lady who ordered them likes them!

Here's a little peek since I'm so pleased with my first official order...


Well I'm super pleased with myself!

Ooh, I'm also close to 100 views! Hooray!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hi everyone, if you could all take a look at a lovely little Facebook page that'd be great. It's called seconds away, and they specialize in vintage china. It's all so adorable! They may also be featuring a few of my items as part of a set soon, it depends on how it all goes, but it's looking good :)

So happy!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013



I just had my first request for a batch of personalised keyrings! From a paying customer!

Just thought I should update you all :) :) :) :) :)


Friday, 8 February 2013

Two long projects...

Well guys, not much crafting has been going on this week I'm afraid, however I did manage to sell five more of my keyrings! Sad to see them go, they're so cute, don't you think?

(Excuse the giant owl just casually perching at the side of this photo, He's just something new I tried out over the Christmas break.)

This is the collection I had at the start of the day, now five have left! Can't quite believe people actually want to buy them, I've said goodbye to so many now!

Anyway, what else have I been doing? Just carrying on with another long project...


This is the first crochet blanket I started, (hence the utter rubbish bit in the middle) and I kind of keep forgetting about it since I've started and finished other crochet projects. So I'm trying to get it done and show it some love :)

Ooh, and I've tacked all the pieces of my quilt together, but lots more work to go yet!

Sunday, 3 February 2013


Well guys, I bought that handbag in the end :)

Also bought a load of cute tins to keep some crafty bits in, and lots of clothes. Been a weekend full of shopping :)

Not got around to and crafts yet, but I've had a few ideas of stuff I want to make.

Speak soon!

Friday, 1 February 2013

A few old projects...

Hello my lovelies. I'm sorry I have abandoned you, I have been a busy bee.

Here's a handbag I made over the summer, I also spoilt my mum and my fiances sister and made them one each too :)


It was more of an experiment than anything, the ones I gave away were much more lovely and higher quality. But it was a chance for me to try out some new and old things I hadn't done in a while.


Stitching the edges neatly so you can't see it underneath or on top...
And line it nicely. I've done this before, but I hadn't done it in a while.

Overall, a lovely short project. It only took me an afternoon, and it made 3 nice cheap and cheerful summer bags!

Something else I've done before is make Old Western style dresses for Reenactment groups. I don't have photos of the other ones, but here's one I made a year ago...

Here's the pattern I had...

This is the top part (shame you can't really see the shape properly unless it's on)...

And here it is on. The skirt needed a hooped petticoat to fill it out nicely, and the lighting doesn't do the outfit justice. But it did look lovely and got many compliments on the reenactment day!


Ok, so I think that's it for today, I've got to dash off to uni now, but I will keep updating! Oh also, do leave comments on what you do and don't like, it'd be nice to get some feedback!

Have a great weekend everyone! x