Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A long project...

I've been snowed under with uni lately... (Though not literally, I'm pretty sure Plymouth is the only place where it's not snowing!)...and I had an actual day off today so I got on with some crafty stuff.

I finally started the quilt I've been thinking of making for ages! It's very basic at the moment, just the square patches are cut out, see...

The photo doesn't do the colours justice, some of the stripey squares are facing the wrong way, and they all had to overlap terribly so they'd fit on my bed, but you get the idea of what it'll look like :) I like having long projects on the go, it's nice to have something familiar to go back to. I know this will be a long project, but I might just make it quickly and simply, and then make another one which is embroidered and all lovely. After all, I need a new quilt quickly since it's so cold at the moment!

I also found a handbag I really liked the other day in a charity shop, and thought I'd have a go at making one similar to it...

This is the one from the shop. The more I look at it, the more I like it. I might just go back and buy it!
I was given some plastic leather a few weeks ago, so I started using that today for the bag. I will keep you updated on what goes on with that.
Back to the real world now, post soon!

Friday, 11 January 2013


Hello again.

I've been a bit bombarded with uni work these past few days, so I've been slacking on my personal crafty projects. However, I have started a little sketchbook of things I'd like to make!

It made me feel a little more sane this week just being able to chill and scribble some ideas down.

A few things that feature in my sketchbook (in my head as well), a quilt, a new handbag and some Valentines keyrings.

I've been on about making a quilt for ages, and since you can do it in lots of little bits it seems perfect since I only have little fragments of time. And I don't know about you, but I like to have a long-term project going. It's nice to have something consistent going on rather than constantly thinking of new stuff.

As for the handbag, I just fancy a new one! But also, I can test some new designs, and if they go well then they might make it into my ebay shop! ( I'm called pasta-and-cheese if anyone's interested :) ). My mum is usually the person who gets all of my handbag creations, usually because she keeps tonnes and tonnes of knitting/sewing/crafty goodies in them!

And the Valentines keyrings would just be quick pretty little things to top up my ebay stuff ( I like to keep them all for myself really...shhh)

So that's where I'm at today guys. Any ideas or feedback would be great, I like to know when people have liked my things :D

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Perhaps a late intro...

Afternoon :)

I feel like I should introduce myself a bit. I'm Hannah, I'm 19, and I live with my fiance in Devon. I go to University, and I'm studying Architecture. Everytime I mention that to people, they instantly say, 'Ooooh, that's difficult isn't it?'. Well yes, it is. But... WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME THIS?! I feel like everyone kept it a secret from me until I had enrolled and it was too late!

Oh well, life goes on despite all the work I have to do for uni. Hence this blog. I will be using this blog as a sort of, escape from daily life. I want to show people what it is that I do when I'm not faffing around with models of buildings or sitting with my face in a screen (ironic since this is an online blog :P).

My crafty interests are: sewing, knitting, crochet, attempting to make clothes for myself, and attempting to make handbags for myself and my family. I might upload some photos of these at some point to see what you think.

Ok, now I'm off to do a bit of crochet and have some chill out time. Byeeee.

Monday, 7 January 2013

First things first...

Ok. First proper post, first thing I made.

I make cute keyrings (and lots of other stuff), but somehow I keep ending up back at these keyrings. I have waaaay too many of these. I make them just to relax from uni work, and they are quick and easy to make so an afternoon sewing can turn into maybe 10 or 15 of these little things!
I also tend to make too many owls. I do attempt to sell them on ebay (my name on there is pasta-and-cheese if anyone's interested!). I love my little owls, I like to mix the colours and try things out that aren't just felt. I've used felt, denim and cotton. If anyone has any ideas of other fabrics I could try out then leave a comment and I'll have a go :)
I shall update when possible, I am usually snowed under with university work, but I will cpend my chill time trying to keep you all in the know, bye for now!

Here we go...

Well, this is my first post to my blog. I'll admit, I have no idea how to add photos, or change any of the sections on here, but I thought I may as well write something.

Basically, this page is just a place for me to write and document the stuff I make, and for people to have a gander at if they so choose. I know I like to have a nosey at other peoples crafty bits and bobs, so maybe some of you will find mine interesting too!

Anyway, I'm off to attempt to bulk this page out, and not just look like a creepy lurker with an abandoned page.

Blog soon! ( if I figure it out ;) )