Friday, 11 January 2013


Hello again.

I've been a bit bombarded with uni work these past few days, so I've been slacking on my personal crafty projects. However, I have started a little sketchbook of things I'd like to make!

It made me feel a little more sane this week just being able to chill and scribble some ideas down.

A few things that feature in my sketchbook (in my head as well), a quilt, a new handbag and some Valentines keyrings.

I've been on about making a quilt for ages, and since you can do it in lots of little bits it seems perfect since I only have little fragments of time. And I don't know about you, but I like to have a long-term project going. It's nice to have something consistent going on rather than constantly thinking of new stuff.

As for the handbag, I just fancy a new one! But also, I can test some new designs, and if they go well then they might make it into my ebay shop! ( I'm called pasta-and-cheese if anyone's interested :) ). My mum is usually the person who gets all of my handbag creations, usually because she keeps tonnes and tonnes of knitting/sewing/crafty goodies in them!

And the Valentines keyrings would just be quick pretty little things to top up my ebay stuff ( I like to keep them all for myself really...shhh)

So that's where I'm at today guys. Any ideas or feedback would be great, I like to know when people have liked my things :D

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