Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I've been bad...

Ok guys, I've kind of neglected my blog these past few months *slap on the wrist for me*, but I'm trying to get some stuff together to blog about as we speak!

Well here's an update of what I've been doing.

I've finished my second year of uni, hooray! Had a few rough nights churning out work and getting ready for numerous deadlines, being buried under insane amounts of paper and mount board, literal blood, sweat and tears went into it all. But it was all handed in in early July. Phew! :)

Since then I've been pretty much just bumming around being lazy, sleeping, not doing anything uni related (even though I'm meant to be working through my reading list), and seeing family back home.

Ooh, the partner and I have been getting ready for our wedding in January. When it's 6 months to go you can start booking things and it's been mental with meetings and trying to get everyone to be free on the same day, blah blah blah..... But we've done a lot of work for it, and I'm actually making the invites this week :D

Anyways, I will return soon with a proper update of what I've been doing. I've not been sitting on my bum for 6 months, honest :)

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