Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Newy newness...

Yes I've been quiet lately, just trying to grow my Facebook page :) feel free to pop on over (copy and paste this link)

But anyway! Newy newness!! 

I've designed a new toast keyring! He's on offer for £2 and free postage via my Facebook page. 

I've also just received my name labels for all my handmade clothes! No one else will see it, but it feels wonderful for me to see it when I'm washing or ironing them :) 

If you're wondering why I've not posted any new clothing makes lately, it's because I haven't made any! I've just been altering the clothes I do have (I've lost a bit of weight, yay!) and no one wants to see the same bits of alteration a billion times haha! 

I'm off to read some sewing books now, need to get my mojo back!


  1. I love your labels where did you have them made? X

    1. They're made by woven labels UK, don't order through their website though! I did an ebay search for 'woven name labels' and they came up, it was half the price of their website listing!! Super quick delivery too.