Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Charity shop finds...

I know I know...I've been lazy with the blog again. *slap on the wrists for me*

BUT...I have been very busy.

I got married :) 

So far it has been the best 5 months of my life. I love being married. In all honesty, not much changes, but in another way, everything changes. In a good way :)

I've also now finished my degree in Architecture!! So I've been busy for good reasons.

Anyway, no crafty bits to show you...YET! So here are some charity shop finds.

Black and white floral skirt. £1.
I don't tend to wear skirts at all, but I am always drawn to them. This one is a light cotton fabric, and I quite like the length - it falls just below my knees. I'm also tempted to make this into one of those high-low, dipped hem-type skirts that are popular now. I'm a fan of anything that makes sure it covers my bottom!

A nautical looking jacket. £1.
Yes this jacket is a few sizes too big. But I love it anyway. It is a light jersey fabric - perfect for summer. I like these sorts of jackets because they look posh, but they are cool and comfy to wear even as it gets hot.

Look at that pinstripe sleeve turn-up!

I also love the pinstripe bias-binding on the inside of the jacket. 
No one will see it but me, but it's so cute!

That's all for now guys. Now that I have some free time, I do plan on blogging more, I may just have to save up all of my interesting posts and then blog them all at once. I don't know. we shall see :)


  1. You look so beautiful Hannah, and your dress is stunning! You both look super happy! Good Luck to you both for your future together :)

    Oh, and congrats on graduating, no wonder you've been so busy lately!!

    Laura x | http://www.laurasallmadeup.com/

    1. aw thank you! I'd forgotten I'd put this picture up, nice to know people like seeing this sort of personal thing :)