Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Spotty nails...

So, as you may or may not know, at uni I tend to use glue a lot. Glue melts nail varnish. I haven't been able to have pretty nails for nearly 3 years! Since I finished a couple of weeks ago I've been painting them a different colour/style every other day. So I figured, why not do a blog post?

Today, I have spotty nails.

I thought it'd be difficult, considering I haven't got any professional tools or anything like that. But it was simple once I realised I could make my own dotting tool out of things I already had.

I've seen dotting tools on ebay for about £5 a set. But I just used a pin and a spare rubber. Everyone has a spare rubber. I've also seen this done with the end of a pencil - it works the same, you just stick the pin in the rubber at the end of the pencil. I've also heard that the lead-end of a mechanical pencil is good for super small dots, I am yet to try this though.

Anyway, the process is fairly simple. Start with a couple of coats of a nail varnish that you like.

(I did one more coat after this picture was taken.)

Then pour a little bit of a complimentary (or contrasting, whichever you prefer) nail varnish onto a bit of paper. I just leave the brush out of the pot, and take the paint from that. But that's because I do it fairly quickly and the paint doesn't dry up. For your first try I would pour it out. ONLY POUR A LITTLE BIT! You can always pour more, but you can't get it back in once you've poured it!

Dot away! I prefer close dots, I have also done spaced dots, one dot etc etc. You can google 'nail designs' and hundreds and hundreds of pictures will inspire you!

One more time, as it is so pretty :)

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