Thursday, 18 September 2014

Graduation dress...

I've been a busy bee lately! I have made countless items of ACTUAL WEARABLE CLOTHES! Not just dresses either, everyday skirts and blouses too. I've also done a lot of re-fashions. Here is one I bought this week for £1...

This far too long black and red polka dot dress! Miraculously, not a bad fit :) But the poor unloved dress had hundreds of moth holes and tiny little tears. It also had some lovely shoulder pads haha! I didn't take pics of the moth holes because there were so many of them, I would still be there fixing them now!

Anyway, as the fit was fine, I simply cut the bottom of the dress into a slightly dipped hem (to help cover my ginormous bum!!), fixed the holes and tears, and also stitched up the button holes. As a lady with a larger top half, button down dresses and tops tend to gape and show everything off haha!

Oh, and it has pockets!!

Look how flowy it is!!

I had kind of forgotten that my graduation is next week, so how lucky was it to come across this dress? I actually saw it as I was on my way out of the shop! And for £1?! I will be the cheapest dressed person there, and I won't even care because I made it look awesome :D

Until next time :) 


  1. Nothing wrong with being the cheapest dressed person ! Love the dipped hem!

    1. Aw thank you! I find it interesting that when you're younger, it's all about how expensive things are, then when you're older, it's cool to be thrifty, and get the cheapest groceries haha!