Sunday, 28 September 2014

Nude nails and heart tutorial...

Hey guys! 

Just a quickie today, I'm going to show you how to get nude nails with little black hearts! 

Firstly, paint your nails in a nude shade you love. You could also do any colour you like, but I think using a pastel/nude colour looks sophisticated for work. 

Next, dab a small puddle of black nail varnish. I've learnt to only have a small puddle at any time. You can always put more down, but you can't scoop it back up if you use too much. 

Then, using a nail dotter...

Small note, I did another post on how to make your own nail dotter. Do check it out! But since then I found a pack of 5 on Amazon for 1p!! Since it cost the earth (haha!) I treated myself. Bargain! 

Anyway... Using a nail dotter, make two dots. These will be the top curves of the heart. 

Add in another dot at the bottom. Join this dot, to one of the top dots. 

You now have half a heart! 

Now join the bottom dot to the other top dot. 

You now have a heart!! 

Neaten up any edges with the dotter, and wait to dry. Wait more than you usually would, as the hearts are quite dense with nail varnish. You don't want them to smudge! 

When dry, put on a top coat to level everything out. 


Until next time!

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