Tuesday, 7 October 2014

First ever pair of trousers! And second...


Continuing with the 9 projects I showed you last week, here are my first (and second) ever pairs of trousers! 

Now these trousers started their lives as a duvet cover that I bought for £1!!! When I got home and fully unfolded it, I discovered that the other side was a different pattern, and I liked it more than the initial pattern!

I used this pattern...
 When I bought it, it was half price, so I only paid £2.50, inc postage! Such a bargain project so far :)

It was an easy see, but had a few new techniques for me. It involved piping, an invisible zipper, and dealing with a crotch rise. 

Luckily the duvet had piping on it! So it was ready made and in a colour that complimented the pattern. 

My first ever invisible zipper!! 

I loved these trousers so much, and the pattern was so lovely - Simple yet enjoyable, so I decided to make another pair!! 

 Second ever zipper! I wasn't too bothered about pattern matching for these, I was limited to how much fabric (duvet) I had so I didn't want to waste any. 

I also made some pockets that I based on a pair of pyjama bottoms I have. 

I now love them both so much! I have worn them to death this summer, hence why I've not managed to do a post yet! 

Which pair do you prefer? 


  1. They are both great, but I prefer the smaller scale pattern, it makes me think of feathers.

  2. Me too! There's something 'peacocky' about them :) thanks for the comment!