Monday, 27 October 2014

Nice new fabric...

Hello guys,

I've treated myself this week and bought some fabric.

Ok, I say fabric... I mean I bought two duvets at my favourite everything's £1 charity shop :)

The first is a simple brown and cream block reversible duvet.
I've been looking for a decent cream fabric for ages to use as a backing
for my quilt that I started forever and a day ago :)

The second is an adorable pink single quilt with 2 stripes of
a different pattern at the bottom.

You can see the stripe pattern here. Isn't it lovely?

Here is a close up. I have ideas for this fabric already.

A lovely surprise when I got home and opened it out, is that the front 
and back are different! So I could make two of whatever it is I make :)

A strange thing about this duvet cover is what had been hand stitched at the bottom. It's just a little rectangle of white cotton. I think it might have been like a bed pelmet/bed skirt?

Any ideas?


  1. Duvet covers are definitely the best backing for quilts! Buying that kind of length can cost a small fortune!!! I also use old duvets as wadding if it's not too thick! X

    1. An old duvet for wadding is a good idea! That's the last part I need, and regular wadding is so expensive! I might look round for old summer quilts...