Saturday, 4 October 2014

The shirred part...

Hello again. The first lot of handmades are 3 skirts and 1 dress. Why have I lumped 4 projects together in one post I hear you ask? Because they are all basically the same! 

Starting from the left...

I quickly whipped up this dress before we went on holiday this summer. It was never meant to be 'wearable' as such, it is a beach/pool dress. 

I simply cut a rectangle, made a tube, shirred a couple of rows at the top, and made a belt. I also shirred the straps, as I wanted to be comfortable. 

Next up, my vertical striped skirt.

This one was an old cotton dressing gown I bought in a charity shop for £1! I sliced off under the arms, and straightened everything out (hence the many seams). Then literally the same as above. Tube, shirrrrrrr away, wear. 

The last two were old dresses that I cut up into a flat piece of fabric. 

Can you guess how I made these? 

Yes. Exactly the same. 

Now whilst I love a good 'proper' project, I also love the simplicity and speed of a simple garment. I wanted to have lots of handmade garments for my holiday, but I didn't have much time. These were the perfect solution. 

The next post will show a different project!

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